Our Facilities


KSY maintains a documented quality control system, which is designed and implemented to fulfill the requirements of international classification societies and all customer specifications as written in contracts and work orders. The purpose of the quality system is to ensure that manufacturing and servicing of KSY products are planned and performed in a well - defined and controlled environment. The system was designed to be flexible and as such provides as a means to perform productive work for all types of customers including commercial and government.

The system and its procedures are regularly reviewed, revised as needed and implemented to provide the required inspections and test to provide a quality product for our customers.

Because of the best possible construction technique we offer our customers four major advantages:

  • Competitive Prices
  • Short Delivery Times
  • Proven Technical Reliability
  • Ensure Quality

KSY Quality Policy

Multi-skilled work forces and professional management of Khulna Shipyard Limited are always dedicated to supply the best possible quality vessels and services to its customers. To achieve this goal, Khulna Shipyard Limited is committed to provide full satisfaction to its customers in terms of quality, reliability and delivery time for all types of repairs, new construction, services and products of its range keeping quality improvement drive as a continuous process. Its aim is to fulfill these commitments byM

  • Establishing a Quality Management System (QMS) as per ISO 9001: 2008 and maintain it with commitment for continual improvement of the QMS.
  • Increasing its production turnover in Ship repair and construction sector.
  • Reducing the customer complaints.
  • Gradually increasing its turnover in allied production sector.
  • Reducing the man-hour loss/wastage.
  • Reducing the machine breakdown time to improve the machine utilization.

Design & Planning Department

Our objective is to contribute to the business success of our customers in their maritime operations through the effective use of our well designed and reliably built ship and craft. Design and Planning Department of KSY plays the vital role in achieving the above objectives through their effective design and planning works. Our Design Department has both manual and AUTO CAD design facilities. Design and Planning Department is continuously monitoring the latest development in the engineering field and improving day by day. The department is responsible for providing drawing & documentation for new project and modification works. Quality assurance measures are also ensured by design & planning department. Major functions /activities of this department are listed below:

  • To prepare estimate.
  • To prepare offer
  • To participate in the tender
  • To co-ordinate/maintain liaison with the customers
  • To prepare ships and mechanical related drawings
  • To prepare work done certificate
  • To prepare contract agreement
  • To prepare technical specification for new built vessel as well as to prepare comparative statement.
  • Correspondence with the local agents and foreign principals to procure machinery/equipments for vessels
  • To prepare monthly return showing the present state of new building/repair/renovated job in hand
  • Preparation of the minute of monthly production meeting

Berth Facilities

Khulna Shipyard is one of the well laid out shipyard of this region with 549 meters River front having total area of 68.97 acres. The yard is equipped with a carriage (slipway), which can dock and undock ships. Its versatile facilities can accommodate a good number of ships simultaneously for building or repair. Other facilities of the yard are equally well set to manufacture related units. The key features of the yard facilities are:

  • KSY has a slipway with a capacity to dock and undock vessels up to 700 tons lightweight and overall length of 84 meters
  • KSY has eight berths, each of 99 meters in length, for berthing Ships
  • KSY has 1 x eight ton capacity and 2 x five ton capacity berth crane
  • KSY is equipped with one thirty ton capacity Derrick crane


The workshops of Khulna Shipyard Ltd are:

Platter Shop

Platter Shop has a number of bending, shearing etc machinery to repair and renewal the ships. This shop provides the following facilities:

  • Construction & Repair of Hull & Structure
  • Aluminium Welding
  • MIG Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Fabrication of Spares
  • Providing full size layout drawing of the ship and body plan on the floor in lofting section

Carpentry shop

Carpentry shop has a number of different machinery to accomplish the following functions:

  • Wooden Works.
  • Furniture Making and ship fitting works
  • Pattern Making
  • Sand Blasting and Painting
  • Lagging and Insulation
  • Fabrication of Clothing and Rexin Items

Civil Section

Civil Section is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Civil Works Onboard Ships
  • Repair and Maintenance of Buildings
  • Repair and Maintenance of Roads and Berths of the yard
  • All sorts of cement and R.C.C work and various tiles fitting
  • Fabrication of Clothing and Rexin Items

Machine Shop

Machine Shop:

  • Propulsion system alignment, installation and repairing
  • Main engine installation and overhauling
  • Overhauling turbines, valves, pumps and compressors
  • Making, repairing and fitting of various pipe lines
  • Fabrication and modification of spares of emergency and urgent nature
  • Installation of Diesel Generator, air compressor, Pump, winch, different types of valves and other auxiliary machinery

Electrical shop
Electrical shop:
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of Electrical and Electronics equipment
  • Servicing and fabrication of switch boards, starters, Instant Power Supply (IPS) and all classes of wiring and cabling
  • work for mains and industrial application
  • Repair and maintenance of various electrical equipment
Foundry Shop
Foundry Shop:
  • Casting of different types of ferrous and non- ferrous materials
  • Cupola furnace for ferrous casting of all types up to maximum 10 tons at a time
  • All types of small and medium size non-ferrous casting of bronze, gunmetal, aluminium etc with crucible furnace
Docking Section
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