Rubber Product

Rubber Cutlass Bush

Rubber Cutlass Bush bearings are used in stern tube and A/P bracket in all types of marine vessels including Naval Ships, Coast Guard Ships, Cargo/ Container Ships, Tankers, Ocean Liners, Yachts, Tugboats, Trawlers and Costal Fishing Boats. With research and advancements in product technology, Rubber Cutlass Bushes of KSY Rubber Factory are now exceed international specifications in critical parameters like tensile strength, elongation, abrasion resistance and bonding strength etc

Capacity: Our Rubber Cutlass Bush bearings cover a wide range of shaft diameters from 25 ~ 500 mm.

Usage: shafting system of ship, vessel, oil tanker etc.

Rubber O Ring

O-Ring is a round-shaped loop designed to prevent the passage of liquids or air. It’s one of the simplest precision mechanical pieces ever produced, and continue to be one of the most widely-utilized sealing products. This seals prevent fluids from escaping through the gaps in mating pieces of hardware. The O-Ring sits in the middle of a gland when it’s at rest, but as pressure begins to rise in the sealing system, the O-Ring shifts to the opposite side of the pressure.

Capacity: Customized diameter

Usage: Marine Industry, Automobile industry, Various Industry etc.

Deep Sea Seal

This is a propeller shaft sealing system. A stationary seat fits into the inner end or the stern tube and the rotating seal attaches to the propeller shaft. The rotating seal runs against the stationary seat to give a watertight seal.

Capacity: Shaft Size 25 mm to 250 mm

Usage: shafting system of ship, vessel, oil tanker etc.

Engine Mounting

Shock absorber mounting or engine mount serves as the mounting point for the absorber mounting is required for all kind of engine. This is an important items for ships engine. In all types of marine vessel it has been used.

Capacity: Customized Size

Usage: Main Engines, Emergency Generators, Deckhouse Bearings etc.

Oil Seal

KSY Rubber Factory produces various functional products based on advanced sealing technologies and sophisticated manufacturing expertise acquired through extensive research and development.

Capacity: Customized Size

Usage: : Main Engine, Rudder, Generator etc.

Rubber Impeller

Impeller is used in positive displacement pump. By deforming impeller vanes, reciprocating pump draws the liquid into the pump housing and moves it to the discharge port with a constant flow rate. The flexibility of the vanes enables a tight seal to the internal housing, making the pump self-priming, while also permitting bi-directional operation. The output from these pumps tends to be smooth or gentle when compared to the operation of a reciprocating pump .

Capacity: KSY Rubber Factory is also capable to produce Rubber Impeller according to customers requirement by maintaining quality and international standard

Usage: : Different types of pump

Rubber Bellows

Rubber Bellows are primarily used to absorb noise and thermal movements along with the removal of vibration between equipment such as diesel engines, cooling water pumps, condensers, chillers and their mating pipe work. Their high flexibility also makes them suitable for compensating small installation misalignments. Rubber bellows can be used just like a metal expansion joint to compensate for axial, lateral or angular movement. As with any other unrestrained expansion joint, rubber bellows will extend under pressure.

Capacity: KSY Rubber Factory is capable to produce DN-32 to 300 size.

Door Seal

Door Seal is used to seal the gaps at door perimeters. By sealing the gaps along the door frame we can significantly cut down on the infiltration of sound, light, drafts, moisture, fire and smoke.

Capacity: KSY Rubber Factory is also capable to produce various type of Door Seal according to customers requirement by maintaining quality and international standard

Jetty Fender

Fender is a bumper used to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against a jetty, quay wall or other vessel. It is used on all types of vessels, from cargo ships to cruise ships, ferries and personal yachts, prevent damage to vessels and berthing structures. To do this, fenders have high energy absorption and low reaction force. Fenders are typically manufactured out of rubber, foam elastomer or plastic. Rubber fenders are either extruded or made in a mold. The type of fender that is most suitable for an application depends on many variables, including dimensions and displacement of the vessel, maximum allowable stand-off, berthing structure, tidal variations and other berth-specific conditions. The size of the fender unit is based on the berthing energy of the vessel which is related to the square of the berthing velocity.

Type: D Fender, W Fender, Arch Fender, Cylindrical Fender, Cell Fender, Round Fender, Customized Fender.

Capacity: KSY Rubber Factory is also capable to produce various type of Fender according to customers requirement by maintaining quality and international standard

Rubber Mat

Rubber mat used for covering a home gym floor or going atop a garage floor to make a man cave or workout space. It yields extreme resiliency at a good value - perfect for garage flooring that won't be used under vehicles. A rubber mat roll, underlayment, a rubber floor tile, or a rubber floor mat are available for installs anywhere.

Capacity: Width: 600 mm, Thickness: Customized, Length: Customized