About Us


KSY Rubber Factory is an enterprise of Khulna Shipyard Ltd (KSY) built to produce quality rubber product for ships, submarines, tugs, boats, pontoons, jetties etc of Bangladesh Navy, Coast Guard, BGB, Port Authorities and other maritime organizations. The factory is capable of manufacturing vessel's shaft seals, under water 'A/P Bracket' rubber bearings, propeller seals, CPP system seals, different 'O' rings, engine mountings, rubber impellers, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, rubber gaskets, bellows, door and hatch seals, jetty fenders etc. It has own design house for designing mold and rubber formula as required for appropriate application. There are CNC machines for mold fabrications, kneader and rolling mills for rubber compounding, calendar machines for manufacturing fabric sheathed rubber, sand blasting machine for metal insert inside rubber, hydraulic press machines for vulcanizing and various test equipment for strict quality control. It is indeed a complete solution arena for customized rubber item production.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to guarantee our customers that their equipment is both safe and long-lasting one with KSY Rubber Factory made products in terms of duration, quality, reliability and technology.

Our Capacity

Maximum rubber product size up to LXBXH= 2m X 2m X 1.2m Vulcanizing capacity up to 1200 tons.

We Posses

KSY Rubber Factory posses total 50,000 sft area, where main production workshop is 17,000 sft equipped with different production equipment, mold warehouse, raw material store and finished product store. There is a separate test laboratory of 3,200 sft and office space of 3,200 sft. Beside, there is a open space (26,600 sft) for future expansion. The factory posses around 300 molds of submarine rubber item fabricated in China. KSY mold fabricating machines are capable of fabricating any shape of rubber mold. With these mold various sophisticated rubber item can be produced which is of international standard. Our departments are:

Our Quality

We provide reliable and dependable rubber product with international quality. There is huge sophisticated modern laboratory equipment to ensure quality. KSY rubber factory is the pioneer in quality rubber product in Bangladesh. Our quality and world class equipment will give you trouble free rubber solution.